Our Vibrating Earth
Eva Petersson


Earth Day
My Birthday
Parker James Fullmore

For five long weeks, we’ve sheltered in place
Yet that can’t wipe the smile from my face
I wake up and do my schoolwork online
Then I head outside where the weather is fine
I sense the fresh air, feel the sun’s warmth on my face
I see squirrels run circles up our trees like they’re in a race
I hear the birds chirp and the rustle of the trees
Smell the scent of our rose bushes faintly waft in the breeze
We are quarantined at home due to this coronavirus
Nature’s glory’s always been here, but I didn’t really notice
This is a time we’ve all had to slow down
Take a break from devices, see Earth’s beauty abound
We had my 14th birthday paintball party all planned
But for now I’ll just celebrate the grace of the land.
© 2021 Parker James Fullmore

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